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Drawback Questionnaire

J.G. Eberlein & Co., Inc Questionairre

For more information, please complete the following questionnaire. One of our licensed brokers will contact you shortly.

Company Name:

Contact Name:
Telephone Number:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
Is your company the Importer of Record for the imported merchandise?
Description of imported merchandise:
Does a part number identify the exported merchandise?
Is the imported merchandise subjected to any use after importation?
If yes, please briefly explain: 
Approximately how many import shipments per year?
Are they multiple line imports? 
Description of exported merchandise:
Does a part number identify the imported merchandise?
Approximately how many export shipments per year?
Do you have exports over the past three years that may be eligible?
Is your company the Exporter of Record?
Do your exports include Canada and Mexico?
Estimate the amount of drawback anticipated on a yearly basis:
Has your company previously applied for any of the following – Manufacturer’s Drawback Ruling, Commercial Interchangeability Ruling, Accelerated Payment Privilege, Onetime Waiver of Prior Notice, Waiver of Prior Notice?
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